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Sep 14, 2009

Well I wasn't just teasing you!

Remember the sneak peeks? Well, I wasn't just teasing.... here are the witches I have coming in with my first shipment. Now I haven't had these up for preorder in my store yet, but I will add them this week since I hope to have them in by Friday.

The first witch is by Tricia Moore. You might know Tricia from her amazing paper piecing patterns she sells through myscrapchick. She also has a cute little vampire boy coming in the next shipment. Tricia is kind enough to offer free paper-piecing patterns on her website, so just click on her name to visit her blog.

The next little witch is Hannah. She was drawn by Sandra Hammer. Sandra has such an ability to draw different styles it amazes me. Her paper piecings she designs and pieces are amazing. You can visit Sandra on ebay to buy some of her creations.

Sandra has also introducted Sarah the witch to us this month. Sarah I would say is a preteen witch. (Kind of like my 10 year daughter at times!)

Now the last Little Witch is from Alisa Ramirez. It is easy to see why Alisa's distinct style is so popular. She also sells paper-piecing patterns in addition to premade pieces. Stop by her website by clicking on her name. You wont be disappointed.

I do have another witch coming with the next shipment. Many of you probably recognize the distinct style of this stamp artist. Have you visited the queen of nostalgia's blog? Not only can she draw, but she makes the most lovely nostaligiac cards. She also is a talented story teller and blogger. Kristen has agreed to help me out with not only designing stamps, but also with my design team and with this blog. Which I am sure you can see, sorely needs HELP!

Now I have to say I have several other talented artists on board that I CANNOT WAIT to introduce to you. The common thread with these ladies is not only their awesome talent, but that they are great people. I have had the privilege of getting to know all of them over the last several years. I consider it an honor to work with each and every one of them. I not only consider them people I "work" with, but also friends.

Now tell me everyone, which witch (that is a tongue twister) is your favorite and why?

I have recently found out that Halloween is not celebrated by a lot of my fellow paper artists in other countries, and I know you wont be able to enjoy these stamps in the way we Americans might, and for that I apologize, but I promise to have lots of Autumn, Winter and Christmas stamps coming soon!

Enjoy your week!



Tara said...

Michelle these are amazing, how exciting!!! I am taken aback by the vast range of styles and love them all! I'm not trying to be nice but I would be hard pushed to pick a favourite as I think they would all work so beautifully on a project - well worth the wait, fantastic!!
Hugs Tara xx

Anne said...

Michelle, I think they are stunning all of them! But Hannah was lovely and I could have used her on a non halloween projekt.Because halloween isn't celebrated here in Norway, the way you do. I love to see more of the new stamps! =)

Hugs Anne

Ria said...

Ahhhhhh I adore witches :) Here in Holland we start to celebrate Halloween slowly ;) but we are getting there ;) hahahaha

hugss Ria

CarlaKH said...

love them! what a fab group and such variety! I really love Hannah! They are just adorable.

Lauretta See said...

hi Michelle
wow, i love theme all.. each one is so differente and stylish :) i have 3 fav's in order here they are :
Hannah.. cannot say why.. just that i love her :)
Alisa's little witch.. such beautiful BIG eye's :)
and Sarah, remember's me of my teenage years.. always loved to put on a witch's costume :))
i would like to say.. your friend artists are doing a great job :)) wow!!!
take care,

Leah l'Orange said...

these witches are all so adorable! i think Hannah is my favourite, as i see lots of possibilities for accessories - Hannah looking at a cat, or the moon, or a cauldron, or a little trick-or-treater... absolutely endless!

you have some wonderful artists helping you out!

that last little witch is cute, too, as she seems to have a little bit of attitude! perfect for a teen card, or between friends catty card. :)

Katie said...

These are all super!!
The artists are all fabulous and I can't wait until I see cards with your designs on all the challenge blogs!
Good luck with the team.

Dawn♥ said...

Oh you want me to pick just one. OH I'm not so sure I can. Cause I love them all but if I have to I'll pick one. It would have to be 'Little Witch' cause I love babies and little people. LOL. But they are all GORGEOUS. ♥Dawn♥

Anonymous said...

Simply love them all , they are beautiful.

Karen Haywood said...

I love them all but I'm especially drawn to Hannah - she makes me think of Cinderella!

Ayelet {Jenny} said...

They are stunning! I love them so much. my favorite one is the last one!
They are so so cute! x

Piali said...

Love them all Michelle!!! Hannah is my most favorite liitle girl (4 yrs old)stands like that... in the corner ..away from me when she is upset with something.. lol. Hannah can used in projects beyond halloween. like the last one too ..she is cute.

Annita said...

wow they are all wonderful, asking to pick a fave is like asking me to pick my fave kid *S* Can't I say all of them ?
no ? I have to pick ? Okay... hmmm.. ahhmmm.. Hannahlove her little broom. But really do like all of them A LOT :o)
Hugs Annita

alica said...

oh, wow - so cute and each is different - my favorite is little Hannah - so cute, shy, maybe feeling a little forgotten.

Random Acts of Krafting said...

Sandra and Alisa's witches stand out the most for me. I like the styles they use, and they are both quite different.

linnes said...

They are all lovely witches, but for me Sarah the 'teen' witch is most lovely.

Beautiful Greetings said...

I love them all, cute little witches are always so much fun to work with! I have to say Hannah is my favorite. You never know what she is thinking! :) Great stamps.

Stampinsilvia said...

My fav is Hannah! I think because she doesn't have to be a witch...very cute and versatile!

Lara said...

Holly cow are those some ADORABLE witches! Love Hannah but I would most likely buy all of them!

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