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Jan 8, 2010

Contest... New Releases

I just came up with an idea!!! I wanted to show some sneak peeks of the stamps we have coming in the next couple of weeks, but I wanted to make it even more fun. So here are five heart shaped snippets of some of the new stamps. The first person who posts here the illustrator of each of these stamps will receive their choice of one of the new stamps and a second person will be chosen by random number for a stamp also. You have till next Wednesday Jan 13th, so even if you think the correct answer is posted go ahead and guess anyway to get in the random drawing.

Also, all The Pixie Cottage Illustrators are listed at the right in the sidebar, so click on their names and visit their blogs/websites/ebay pages and it might help you figure out the answers.

Remember just leave the answers in the comment section below before Wed Jan 13th. At that time the new images will be revealed as well as the winners, who will get to pick their stamp!
Also, I would like to welcome Hobbystempels to the Pixie Cottage family. They will be carrying the Pixie Cottage stamps in there fine store, so there is something a little closer to home for all our friends in the Netherlands. Welcome!
Stay warm friends,


1LuvnMama said...

I believe it is Sandra Hammer! Looks like her work and can't wait to see the full pictures! :)

Nicola said...

Is it ArTrish. Looking forward to viewing the new releases.

Unknown said...

You must guess all FIVE of the illustrators!

Unknown said...

Wow,this is great! Can't wait to see and work with the stamps!

Random Acts of Krafting said...

Congratulations Michelle, the Netherlands are lucky to have The Pixie Cottage stamps come their way! I think I know all five and am excited to see the full stamps soon, but I will save the guessing for some other lucky followers.
Good Luck ladies,

Kathi said...

maybe I got it right:
1 Sandra Hammer
2 Eileen Gutierrez
3 ArTish
4 Alisa Ramirez
5 Andrea T Seiler
XX Kathi

Patricia Mae said...

OK here are my guesses and I can't wait to see them.
1. Sandra Hammer
2. Artish
3. Tricia Moore
4. Lisa Schmidt
5. Andrea Seiler

This is fun, Thanks Patty

Sandra H. said...

I think, I have them all figure out but one. Still working on that one. Smiles!!! Good luck ladies!!!

mgcreative said...

here's my guess:
1. sandra hammer
2. artish
3. tricia moore
4. alisa ramirez
5. Andrea Seiler

i hope this is my lucky :)
thx for the chance to win.

Sandra H. said...

Ends today! BIG HINT,,,, keep guessing girls!!! Smiles!!

Danderella said...

'K I'm gonna take a shot it here

1. Sandra Hammer
2. ArTish
3. ArTish
4. Aliza Ramirez
5. Tricia Moore

Hope I'm right, if not, at least I tried. Loving what I see so far!

Sandra H. said...

Keep guessing girls!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Here is my first post and a couple of wild guesses!!!!
1. Aiisa Ramirez
2. ArTish
3. Tricia Moore
4. Hmmm.. Lisa Schmidt
5.Eileen Gutierrez

Berit Synnøve said...

Here is my guess
1. Hammer
2. ArTish
3. Moore
4. Schmidt
5. Gutierrez

Unknown said...

Berit you are correct!! I will be posting a picture of the new stamps that will be arriving soon, and you may have your pick. I will be back with the random prize winner.

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