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Mar 12, 2011

Tutorial Time with Nanda - Flower Making with Scrappers Floss

It is time for a new tutorial. This time I will explain how you can make a flower with scrappers floss.

What do you need?
Off course scrappers floss.
Something for the heart off the flower (I have used paper flowers and an epoxy circle).
Very sticky big gluedots.
Your imagination.

I found it easier to make the flowers when the card is ready. If you want to make a flower without a card than you can make the flower on a smooth sheet. It is important that you can peal off the sticky gluedot easy after making the flower.

This is the card where I want to put on the flowers. It is hard to see but I put a sticky gluedot on the card. That will be the center of the flower.

Here it is easier to see the sticky gluedot, next to the pencil.

OK, let's start making the flower. Take the scrappers floss and put the ends in the sticky gluedot. You can take one string scrappers floss or two or three, just what you like.
Make a loop with the scrappers floss. Make sure you put the scrappers floss very good in the sticky gluedot.
And make another loop. If you make sure your loop ends next to the first loop than it is easy to make the flower.
And make another loop. (so easy to do!)
And we are almost there, again one loop.
And yes, this is the last loop.
Now you can see the flower.
Use a scissors to cut the scrappers floss. And put a sticky gluedot on top off the first gluedot.
Now on to the center of the flower. I used one epoxy circle. They are sticky. And I used a piece of scrappaper.
Put the circle on the scrappaper. Because the circle is transparent you can see and choose the piece of the pattern that you want for the center.
Cut out the circle.
And put it on the sticky gluedot. Now the flower is finished.
Here you can see that I made 3 flowers. It is all the same way. The only differences are the centers and the amount of loops. I have flowers with 5 loops and 6 loops, it depends on how big the loops are and on how many space the scrappers floss use on the sticky gluedot. You can put anything on the centers, flowers, epoxy circles, half pearls, beats, sand just let your fantasie flowing.
A close up from the flowers. I made also a flower with one string of scrappers floss.
If there is no room enough on the sticky gluedot for the scrappers floss, just put another sticky gluedot on the first gluedot. Do this after you made a loop. Than you can make the next loop.
And here is the finished card. I put some leafs at the card and to give it some bling I used rhinestones.
I hope you will give it a try and fun!!


Anita Scroggins said...

Very cute idea - I have that stuff in every color - I will have to give it a try.

cheryl said...

oh great tutorial hun,love that idea hugs cherylxxxxx

Margreet said...

gorgeous idea Nanda....thanks for sharing!
xxx Margreet

Janette said...

This is a fab idea, thanks so much for sharing, will have to try this.xx

Tanya said...

Oh this is so cool!

ribenaruby said...

Great tutorial! Ruby x

Unknown said...

This is lovely x thanks so much x Leigh x

Christina Hicks said...

I have never used the stuff but I certainly will now, thanks for such a wonderful tutorial!

Sherry said...

Thanks for the tutorial. Your card is absolutely gorgeous!!

Adrina said...

Great tutorial Nanda. I will give it a try!!

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