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Feb 18, 2012

The Pixie Cottage's Saturday Tutorial

Stamped Candle Tutorial 

By Davi Reid 

Stamping on candles may be a bit of a misnomer. This tutorial will give a you simple step step instruction on how to~~~

You begin with an image and candle of your choice. The pillars are the easiest because they are larger but I have used all sizes. I will use pillars today so you will be able to see. I have used some of the great Pixie Cottage Stamps for my tutorial today. You can find one to fit whatever need you have here at  
Michelle's Scrapbooking & More.
Start by stamping your image on regular tissue paper. You will find that the tissue paper has a flat side and a shiny side. The image seems to stamp a little darker on the shiny side.

The next step will be to cut out the images leaving a little border around the image.
You do not need to be exact when cutting.

Next you will want to color with the medium of your choice. I do not have copics so I had to used my water color pencils.  After coloring you will attach the image to the candles with a few dabs glue to keep them in place. On this one I spaced three images around the candle.

Using wax paper you will cut a piece large enough to wrap around the candle and have enough to hold onto. You will pull it tight making sure it is smooth with no wrinkles.

Using a heat gun you will carefully pass back and forth across the candle where the image is attached, not staying in one place to long, or you will actually melt the candle.  As you are passing the heat gun back and forth, the wax will melt and the image will settle down into the candle, the edges of the paper will disappear and the image will appear to be stamped directly onto candle. After letting it cool for a moment you will carefully peel off the wax paper. If you have any rough spots or runs you simply wrap it up in a new piece of wax paper and heat again.

You can add any type of embellishments such a string, jewels, glitter etc.
I kept these pretty simple with some ribbon wrapped around and
a few pearls on the wedding one.

I hope you will try this fun project as you can apply this technique
to any candle. You can make masculine, earthy, fun, and even create scenes.

Thank you Davi for a great tutorial!   Be sure to visit Davi's blog and send some love her way, such talent.  Stay tuned for Francy's next tutorial, which will be posted on March 3rd, 2012.
Until then, Happy Crafting.


Susan.... said...

What a great tutorial ! thank you very much for the very clear instructions and pics..l will definately have a go at this,as you make it seem very easy !
susan x

Random Acts of Krafting said...

Thank you Davi, this was an amazing tutorial!

Crafty and Green said...

I love this!! Thank you for the tutorial! I'm totally going to do this soon!!

Unknown said...

So cool. Thanks for the great tutorial Davi. My mind is already whirling with ideas.

Unknown said...

I just love these. I need to give this a try. Thanks Davi for the great Tutorial..

Hugs, Linda

Benzi said...

Thanks for the wonderful tutorial, Davi!

Nancy said...

Wonderful tutorial, Davi!

Mary Lou said...

Awesome Davi!!

tootsie said...

Great tutorial Davi! I have seriously wondered how this was done! Now I know!


Audrey Ernst (hippieaud) said...

Wow Davi, that is amazing!!

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