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Apr 14, 2012

The Pixie Cottage's Saturday Tutorial

Favour Card Tutorial

Materials used

Design Paper
Watercolours pencils

Step One

Cut one strip of cardstock 25 cm x 11 cm (9.8"x4.3")
Fold the strip at  11cm and 14cm (4.3"x5.5")

Step two

Cut a square of cardstock 13cm x  13cm (5.1"x5.1")
Fold the square at 3cm and 10cm (1.2"x3.9")(dashed line on the picture)
Cut at 3cm (1.2") (black line on the picture) Now you have two tabs to glue in order to  make the box.

Step Three

Glue the tabs to form a box, like in the picture.

Step Four

Cut the cardstock in another colour for the base
4 pieces 10.6cm x 10.6cm (4.2"x4.2") (for the card)
2 pieces 10.6cm x 2.6cm (4.2"x1.0") (for the card)
4 pieces 6.6cm x 2.6cm (2.6"x1.0") (for the box)

Cut the design paper
4 pieces 10.2cm x 10.2cm (4.0"x4.0") (for the card)
2 pieces 10.2cm x 2.2cm (4.0"x0.9")(for the card)
4 pieces 6.2cm x 2.2cm (2.4"x0.9")(for the box)


Step five

Glue the ribbon for the closure (on the exterior of the card and in the middle) Do this before you glue the design paper.

Step six

Glue the design paper.

Step seven

In the center of the interior base of the card, glue the box.

Step eight

Now you can decorate your favour card inside and outside, as you please.

We hope you enjoy this tutorial and don't  forget to come back on the 28th of April. We will have another tutorial for you at that time.  Be sure to join us for the current Pixie Cottage Sweet Treat Challenge #115.

Happy crafting girls


Christina Hicks said...

Oh my goodness that is adorable!!

KanataNewf said...

A lovely way to present a favour.

Unknown said...

How cute, thanks Francy!

Davi said...

Fantastic way to give a favor!! Thanks for a wonderful tutorial Francy :)

זהבית שקד said...

Great Tutorial!!

Zehavit Shaked

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