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Mar 7, 2010

New Blog Candy Precious Stamps by Lisa Schmidt

Well, I am just so excited to show you these adorable stamps! I could not wait any longer.  Lisa has sent me some adorable drawings and these are just two of them. These will be arriving sometime in the middle of March.  I am calling these stamps Baby Blake and Crawling Cassie, so named after my own daughter who almost no hair till she was two, and one of my darling nephews. Would you like a chance to win these?

So what do you have to do to win?
Just sign up to follow our blog, on the right hand sidebar, and leave a comment here, with a link to your blog, telling us a favorite memory you have about a child or baby, or being a child.  Also please post this blog candy on your blog with a Link back to this posting.
On March 18th I will randomly choose a winner! and announce it here on this blog.

I will start with my memory, my daughter was about 6 or 7 and our beagle Rosie had just had pups, with another beagle named Fred.(now that is funny in and of itself because my husband is also Fred) Anyway, my daughter and I were walking back from looking over the new babies, and talking about Fred being their daddy and Rosie being their mommy, and she looked up and asked me "How did Fred get those puppies into Rosie anyhow?"  Well, I don't remember my exact answer, but I do know it took me a moment to come up with one.

Good luck to everyone! May your spring be filled with renewed hope and love!


Anne said...

Oh Michelle, they are just super cute!

Hugs, Anne

artish said...

what sweet bebe's lisa!!! my favorite memory is suddenly discovering our "stow-away" YES- nursery all finished for one baby...and then there were 2! "girlies"

Tammy said...

OMGosh....those are so adorable!! I just love the binky baby!!!! Too cute!!!

Random Acts of Krafting said...

Hmmm, I have been thinking about this question all week. Karlye always made this dinosaur sqeal that scared all the "quiet" children. She still makes the sound when she is happy and we know exactly who it is across the park. Jayme was my sleeper, who loved to sleep with her head on my heart. She still loves to do that. Thank you for getting me thinking . I have posted the candy on my sidebar. Good luck ladies.

fairie said...

These are such cute babies. Hahaha!! I'm sure your answer to your daughter was intriguing. One of my favorite memeory of a child is my little brother. He was about 4-5. He was using the bathroom oneday while my mom and I were cooking in the kitchen. Then all of a sudden, he came out and said "Sheng, Sheng, did you know there's a hole in your butt?" I was so dumbfounded I started laughing hysterically. My mom was asking what he was saying and I had to translate for my mom. My brother then went downstairs and told my other brothers "Did you guys know there's a hole in your butt?" Tehehe,... I still laugh to this day aboout this incident. I have no idea what made him say this cuz I just assumed you know where poo comes from.

xoxo hugz

Unknown said...

What cute little babies! Maybe after reading Sheng's story above, it reminded me of this story with my little nephew (who is now 4, but was 3 at the time) My mom and sister were talking about things they needed to get at the store- and my mom said she needed a heavy-duty power cord. My nephew started shaking his head and told my my she was talking potty-talk - They couldn't figure it out, and then realized they had said heavy-DUTY.

Nikki said...

These are just so cute When I was babysitting once the little one was playing in his crib then it got really quiet went to check on him and found him finger painting the walls in oh yah POO!! YUCKY ... at least he only had about 1 min worth play time
thanks for the chance
hugs Nikki

KarenB said...

I'm loving the funny stories, don't think I can top any of those! My favourite baby memory is finding out that I was pregnant with my daughter. She was a total surprise, and I didn't know I was even expecting until I was four months along, didn't start showing till after 6 months. She's 9 years old now and still manages to surprise me every single day.

Sunny said...

My favorite memory is of my older sister. We walked to the corner store to buy ice cream. I didn't have money so only she got the ice cream. As we were walking home, we saw some birds fly up in the air and my sister had said "wouldn't it be funny if they pooped on our heads?" Lord behold, the bird pooped right on my sisters head...hehehe... She tried to bribe me by letting me lick, I say lick her ice cream if I wiped off the poo but I said 'no'. We got home and she asked my other sister to wipe the poo off for A lick and being that my sister wanted a taste of the ice cream she wiped it off. Teheheh...I still laugh to this day.

Senju Ninja said...

Well, my favorite childhood memory is when I was young, I saw my brother fell off a palm tree. I think he was unconscious but I was too afraid to help. Needless to say, he is ok.

Unknown said...

Wow! Lovely candy....have linked it to my sidebar...
My fave memory of being a child is definatley 'mystery days' where we would stick a pin in a map and head off in that direction...still do it to this day lol!!

jonim52 said...

Oh! these are so adorable. As a new granny, I am all about the babies. My favorite childhood memory is when we would have our "knights of the round table" and each of us would pick one day trip for our vacation. I always chose mini golf.

Anonymous said...

What adorable stamps! I posted a comment before but it's not here :( My favorite childhood memory was when my Mom found me using an eggbeater in the toilet with a bunch of pills. Since she didn't know whether or not I had taken them, it was off to the hospital to have my stomach pumped. UGH!!

Here is the linke to my blog:

Claude said...

My favorite childhood memory is going grocery shopping alone with my dad every Saturday morning. It was "our time". He passed away 3 years ago, I miss him very much!

Thnaks for the chance to win!

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