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Mar 20, 2010

Tutorial Time - Masking with Renata

Today something different, I am gonna tell you how to
mask images.
What you need: Acrylic block, 2 Stamps


First you stamp the image
that will be in the front, in this case my Magnoliagirl.

Then you
stamp the girl again on a piece of paper (or a Post It Note) and cut this out. You put this on the first image with tape, where the second stamp won't touch it.

Then you
take the second stamp, in my case that's Stump
& Bench from The Pixie Cottage
. Put your sheet in the corner of the
Stamp-a-mag-jig and let your stamp glide down in this corner and stamp it on
your sheet.

Put your sheet on the
Magnolia-image just like it should be. Tape your paper to the table so it won't
move while stamping.

Take the sheet away and stamp the
stump & bench on the sitting Tilda.

Take the extra image away
and Voila! Tilda is on the bench!
You can mask any image you want like this.

I hope you liked it and know
now how to mask images.
If you have any questions you can mail


artish said...

oh renata, what a great educational illustration! i love the "complete image" you created!

Anne said...

Renata your tutorial is super! I must give this tecnique a chance one day =)

Hugs, Anne

Vanessa said...

Thank you for the tutorial. The final images is super cute. :)

Denise @ kc242 said...

What a great demonstration on a wonderful technique. Thanks for sharing! Denise

Gini said...

Thank you so much for this brilliant tutorial. I have heard of a stamp a m gig often and had no idea how it was used and now I do :-)

Unknown said...

Wow, thanks for the tutorial. I had never heard of this Stamp-a-mag-jig before xxx

Beautiful Greetings said...

Fantastic tutorial Renata! I absolutely love my stamp-a-ma-jig too! Thank you.

Debbi said...

Thank you! That was very helpful.

Kendra said...

I've masked many times, but have never seen it done so beautifully! Great job!

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